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About Pine House Hydrotherapy Pool

Pine House Hydrotherapy Pool is a purpose built indoor heated pool attached to Pine House at Hepscott Park near Morpeth, Northumberland and has been designed to be used by disabled adults or youngsters with their carers.

The pool is 7 metres long by 2.5 metres wide. It has a three wide-stepped entrance at one end and then is a constant depth of 1.2 metres. It also has a hoist for wheelchair users and is kept at a constant recommended temperature of 33°c.

If required, it also features a Jacuzzi facility and, for the more able, a powerful jet stream for non-stop swimming.

The pool room has a changing room, an accessible toilet, and an accessible shower. There is also an adult changing table and further discreet changing facilities.

Whilst the pool facility is attached to the main building it will usually remain locked to the house. Separate accessible access is from the rear of the building via a keycoded door. There is plenty of space for parking - including minibuses.

Who for

We would recommend an initial visit to check that the pool can meet your needs. Ideally it is available each session for 1-2 adults (or youngsters) with needs that would benefit from hydrotherapy. We would anticipate at least two carers/adults per client being present and from an insurance point of view, they would take full responsibility for themselves and those they were supporting.


As a business we carry general liability insurance but we will also ask to see your public liability insurance, as appropriate. Pool users should conduct their own risk assessment and have in place necessary procedures which meet the needs of their individual clients. We have a maintenance agreement with the company who installed the pool who visit 4 times a year to check all aspects of the facility. There are daily checks of the levels of chlorine, pH etc.


Pine House Hydrotherapy Pool is available for six daily sessions Monday to Friday, as follows.

Session Time
Session 1 9:30 - 11:00
Session 2 11:00 - 12:30
Session 3 12:30 - 2:00
Session 4 2:00 - 3:30
Session 5 3:30 - 5:00
Session 6 5:00 - 6:30

Similar timed sessions are also available on Saturdays but finish at 5:00pm.


Single client (+ support): £25 per session
Private Family Group: £25 per session
Multiple client (+ support): £30 per session


We would recommend that you make your first swimming appointment with a physiotherapist who could outline the most suitable programme for you. We can recommend several independent physiotherapy practices keen to be involved with us.

You will be asked to...

  • Make an appointment for an initial visit.
  • Provide evidence of your public liability insurance, as appropriate.
  • Respect the privacy and security of knowing the entrance keycode.
  • Leave the pool in a tidy and presentable manner - ready for the next patrons.
  • Provide your own towels, shampoos, soap etc. and any personal care materials that may be needed.
  • Provide any extra floats, armbands, goggles etc.
  • Respect the speed limit when driving through Hepscott Park.
  • In case of emergency, and nobody being immediately available in the house, every carer MUST have a working mobile phone that has a signal.



Pine House
Park Drive, Hepscott Park
Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 6QA


0844 736 1442


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